November 1, 2018

The release of our new Coalesce Payments® Gateway platform, STEPpay®

Coalesce® Payments is pleased to announce the release of our new Coalesce Payments Gateway platform, STEPpay®.


This fourth major release comes as we approach nearly 10 years since the first iteration of the system, which many of our longtime customers will remember as the Universal Gateway Conduit.


STEPpay® supports new functionality across the platform including our recently launched JSON API for developers, an Artifact Repository portal with up-to-date system and compliance documentation for our customers, and a STEPpay® Onboarding Portal for participating Affiliate Partners.


In addition, be on the lookout for communications offering demo opportunities as we begin to roll out our fully customizable STEPpay® Business Analytics Platform over the coming weeks.


On Sunday, November 4th, you will see the first STEP of this change when you access the current Coalesce® Payments Gateway page. There will be a message displayed before you auto-redirect to the new STEPpay® domain for login. This release does not impact login credentials, daily processes, existing integrations, or historical data in any way.


NOTE: You should replace your current gateway bookmark with


If you haven’t yet, go to to subscribe to status updates for the new STEPpay® services. We will use this status update tool, along with this Payments News section of our website, to keep you informed as more features and overall enhancements are implemented and become available to you and your organization.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our Coalesce® Support Services Team at or 866.620.0566.

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