IP Address Change

What’s Happening?

Our Coalesce® Payment System is changing from a Static IP service to a Dynamic IP service.


Why the Change?

This change is being put in place to better support the high-availability needs of our customers and a more efficient disaster recovery processes. Without the limitation of Static IP Addresses, the speed of seamlessly expanding both our system load capacity as well as our geographical endpoints greatly increases so we may respond quickly to the needs of our customers.



What Do I Need to Do?


Most Customers

Most will likely have no impact during and after this change because as we are modifying our DNS entries to point to new endpoints, your workstations or servers will automatically handle the changes. For those customers, just consider this an FYI.


For Others that utilize either method below, please read the details:


Whitelisting Customers

For those customers that whitelist based on IP address, you will need to either automatically resolve the whitelisting by domain name or manage whitelisting based on the ranges defined by AWS, our hosting provider. Jump directly to the AWS IP-Range raw list.

[NOTE - We presently utilize the EC2 service IP ranges in the us-east-1 region]


Locally-managed Hard-coded DNS Entry Customers

For those customers that utilize a locally-managed hard-coded DNS entry, you will need to either periodically manage for our IP changes or switch over to an externally-resolved DNS entry.


What issues might impacted customers see if respective updates are not made before the deadline?

You could receive network timeouts, connection failures, web filter messages or any sort of system messages (depending on the application you use and its implementation of our API).


We will monitor for continued traffic to our Static IP service after the change and will work with any remaining customers that have not been able to successfully point to the new services.


If you have any questions or see anything unusual after the change, please reach out to us at support@coalesceservices.com and we will work with you on resolving any connection issues you may continue to have.

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